Saturday, 24 March 2012

Baby bootee bear themed boxes!

Mr. Sultan wanted boxes to announce the birth of his baby in one day! He wanted something cute and different. We got these striped polka dotted boxes and adorned them with ribbons and a baby bootee! Since the baby bootees had bears on them, we attached a bear card to it and completed the bear theme! So cute!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Birth Announcement Platter Wrapped Up Pretty!

Mrs. Adil came to me with nothing specific in mind. She wanted something cute and different to announce the birth of her first grandson. She wanted to distribute nithai (sweetmeat) so we needed something big enough to hold that.

I bought a very cute platter designed like a bow. I filled it with mithai and wrapped it up with tulle. I then adorned it with ribbons, added a cute little card and then topped it with a baby pacifier! Here's the final look:

Mrs. Adil loved them so much, she took some with her all the way to the US to share her joy with friends!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Birth Announcement / Baby Shower

Aren't these adorable! Teddy bear themed birth announcement / baby shower boxes! 4" x 4" polka dot boxes adorned with 'It's a Boy' ribbon and a small teddy!

These were filled with teddy shaped chocolates! Another one of my favorites!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Graduation Boxes

Mrs. Mus knew exactly what she wanted before she called us and she got exactly that & more! A dull gold box was designed with a graduation cap and a personalized message from the proud parents celebrating their joy!

It was filled with sweet meat(mithai) and adorned with black and gold ribbon. Mrs. Mus was delighted by the appreciation the boxes received!

This box was an instant hit! Mrs. Memon loved it so much, she ordered the same ones for her daughter's graduation. So I made them with a slight variation for her.

I deepened the color and this time I adorned them with a ribbon and tassel in line with the graduation theme!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Baby Boy Birth Announcement Cane Pram

In our part of the world, there is a tradition of distributing something sweet to announce the birth of a baby. Usually sweet meat (mithai) is chosen and distributed in boxes. Mrs. Kazi wanted to do something different. So we gave her an adorable alternative! A beautiful cane pram was made in blue. It was then embellished with frills, ribbons, a small flower and small pacifiers for that perfect finishing touch!

Mrs. Kazi chose to fill it with chocolates and a personalized tag to announce the birth of her little prince. This giveaway was a huge success and it worked as a keepsake too! I made this in 2009 but it is still as endearing as ever!